About Us

Our Mission

To stand shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders, teams, and individuals who are passionate about growing in their leadership and in their ability to create cultures of psychological safety and engagement.

As experts at the intersection of psychology and business, we bring a unique perspective on leadership, engagement, and growth, and we support leaders to graciously step into their own leadership.

We not only support others in finding success and balance between their personal and professional lives, but we also hold each other accountable to this as well.

We do this work because we know that
when people matter to themselves and believe that
others matter, too, success is ensured.

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The Carpenter Smith Consulting team:

Linda Carpenter (Co-Founder and Consultant) is described by her clients as a powerful ally and uniquely skilled strategist in helping them develop their personal and professional leadership to move their businesses forward. She has spent over 20 years supporting Portland companies and is endlessly inspired by the passion and commitment of people determined to make a difference. A confessed chocoholic, she requires a chocolate hit several times a day. Full bio.
Stephanie A. Smith (Co-Founder and Consultant) is known for providing trusted advice and management techniques to people seeking personal and professional success. For over 20 years, she has been providing coaching to companies, teams, and individuals, helping them to deliver stellar results, and find meaning and purpose in both life and work. A fair-weather outdoor enthusiast, she can be found kayaking or snowshoeing—on clear and tepid days. Full bio.
Heather Stewart (Director of Coaching Services) is unmatched in her ability to mobilize people behind an effort. Through her coaching and mentoring, she is able to motivate clients, friends, and family members to take charge of their lives and to boldly step into their leadership. Her favorite holiday is Halloween where her creativity and love for dress up can shine unhindered. Full bio.
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