Integrating Feedback with Skill and Grace, Part 2

In last week’s post, Integrating Feedback with Skill and Grace, we outlined the 3 key steps for integrating feedback about your performance: 1.  Work with what you’ve heard 2.  Prepare for the next meeting 3.  Meet again Last week, we looked closely at the first step Working with What You’ve Heard and today we’re going to focus on the second step: Step 2. Prepare for the next meeting The goal in the follow-up meeting is two-fold. The first is to…

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Integrating Feedback with Skill and Grace, Part 1

In last week’s post, Get Comfortable with Feedback, we discussed 3 rules for receiving feedback about your performance. Those rules were: 1.  Listen calmly to what is being said. 2.  Thank them for bringing the information to your attention. 3.  Schedule a time to meet again. Feedback is an opportunity to understand the impact that you have on others and to decide if it is the impact that you want to have. So, once you have listened calmly, thanked them…

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