Take Time to Think

We have the privilege of working with leaders in a wide range of businesses – for profit and non-profit, large and small, service companies and product driven – and one of the major changes we’re seeing in all of them is that leaders are running hard and fast, going from one thing to the next, with not a moment to think.  Not a moment to think. These women and men are running companies that need their leadership and yet, they…

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Focusing Your Attention

Last week we asked you to notice the different ways in which you pay attention to others. We asked that you watch how you show up in person as well as when reading notes and emails from people in your life. The choice to bring a deep, focused attention to others in your life is an important one. It’s not that we think you need to bring this same level of attention to all situations, but we do believe you…

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Pay Attention

Giving someone the benefit of your full attention is a true gift and, unfortunately, it is becoming a rare occurrence. If you think about the level of demand and pace faced by people today, it is amazing that any of us are able to pay attention to others at all. When interacting with others, most of us are quick to make decisions and to judge things as right or wrong, and once that occurs, it’s nearly impossible to pay attention…

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Focus Your Efforts

Each week at least one of our coaching clients will talk about how challenging it is to get anything substantial done during the course of a day.  Meetings, email and crises drive any hope of real productivity out of their day and they are left feeling defeated and resentful.    One simple but effective way to move the needle is to focus on what is most important first.  In other words, we encourage our clients to spend the first 90…

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A Million (or more) Distractions

Did you know that the average person is exposed to enough information in a day to fill 174 newspapers (85 pages in length) from cover to cover? Think about this for a moment – it’s staggering. There is almost no place you can go without being confronting by information, even public bathrooms now have ads and promotions inside the stall vying for your attention. And, while we love our smart phones and tablets, it’s seductive to stay connected day and…

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