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The Most Important Thing to Remember When Leading a Change

You were asked to lead the change. Everyone you spoke with wanted to move forward. You kicked into gear to get it done.  And, now everyone is furious with you…  What happened?   People are messy. The thing you must remember is that when people are asking you to make things better, they rarely consider that they may need to change their own behaviors and patterns in order for that to happen. They can imagine that you will address their…

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“Where Are We Going?”

Recently, while hiking with a wonderful 6-year-old, she asked a question that highlighted the importance of creating a shared vision. That morning, one of her parents had asked a group of us, “Who wants to go on a hike?” A small number decided that a hike sounded like fun, and so we each grabbed our hiking shoes, a bottle of water and a small snack. When we were no more than 10 steps into our hike, this youngest member of…

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