As we enter into a new year, we thought we’d share with you our thinking on how you can set yourself up for a successful 2020 by using our framework entitled Mapping Your Success Path.

We originally developed this when a number of leaders asked us if we could help them craft a plan for their personal lives, the way we’d helped their organizations with strategic planning.

Think about what a successful year would look like for you. Whether it’s focusing on stable finances, creating deeper relationships, finding confidence to lead at a new level in your organization, or finding a better balance between your career and your family…or perhaps a combination of these.

How different would your world be if,
by the end of the year, you’d been able to
move forward toward your vision of success?

The framework we developed asks you to first think big about the whole of your life before diving into the specific goals.

Here’s how we think about it:

  • Life Priorities – what truly matters to you in this life?
  • Meaning & Purpose – what are you passionate about that brings you meaning and purpose?
  • Goals – what’s your vision of success and what are the 1-3 goals that will move you forward?
  • Obstacles – what gets in your way?
  • Small Steps – what are the small steps you can take each day to get around the obstacles so that you can gain traction on your goals?

To ensure your success, we recommend creating a support system for yourself. Think about who might be your accountability partner. Whether it’s a friend, colleague, coach, or a support group, having accountability with others can help you to continue moving forward.

In addition, be sure to track your progress. Studies show that if you track your progress and plan little celebrations along the way, you’ll be more likely to continue moving forward toward your vision of success.

We’ve included an infographic that you can print out and use to help you think about where you land on your success path, and then the next steps to take toward success.

You can download the pdf here

Stay tuned for next week’s post by our very own Heather Stewart! She will explain how she successfully used this framework to help her stay on track and accomplish her big focus in 2019.

To the New Year!

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