Fifty-two weeks ago, we sent out the first of our Monday Morning Business Coach series.  At the time, we made a commitment to offer usable nuggets of the expertise we have accumulated in our work and lives; but privately, we wondered whether we had anything useful to say week after week. 


Here we are fifty-two weeks later and we are delighted to say that we have gotten feedback from many of you that these nuggets have been profoundly helpful in your lives and work, your teams and families.  And, fifty-two weeks later, we are just getting started.  Your comments and questions are guiding us, along with our clients’ questions and struggles – across industries, with jobs ranging from CEO to line-staff, in communities across the nation.


We believe that a rich and meaningful life requires involvement, investment and engagement.  Our commitment is to be your allies in creating your rich and meaningful life.  To that end, you are always welcome to review all of our previous posts on our website at Monday Morning Business Coach. The posts are currently being bound into a book of weekly reflections so that you can review them at your convenience or give them as gifts to people who you are supporting in creating their own rich and meaningful lives.  We are presently engaged in the process of broadening and deepening our online presence so that more people can use our services more conveniently.  And, as always, we are available in person or by phone to be your allies as you navigate your journey on the road to a deeply inspired life. 


We are hoping that you will take a moment this week to reflect on your last fifty-two weeks (whether or not you have been reading our posts that entire time) and then write down three ways that you have stepped into your power and passion to create the life you want.  They may be tiny steps or major efforts – no matter, both will move you forward.  Claim them, celebrate them and honor who you are.  Then, if you are so inclined click here and tell us about your successes this past year or ask us those questions that are making you crazy.  You inspire us with your courage and commitment; it’s a privilege to be your allies.


Your Monday Morning Business Coaches,

Linda and Stephanie