Are you waiting too long to take the steps that will shape your future and bring more satisfaction to your career life?  As a career coach, when people come in for the first time I often hear the phrase, “I have been thinking of this for months – even years.”  I recognize that decisions that involve our career, leadership or personal goals need time to take shape, be considered and analyzed before being acted upon.  However, in my experience, I find that taking more time is not a guarantee that we will make a better decision or act in a more effective manner.  In some cases, it actually does the reverse and makes it harder to move or take any action.  People will often feel “stuck” or will just “settle” because the path forward isn’t clear. 


Over the last month of Monday Morning Business Coach postings, we have talked about identifying and following your passion and vision.  If you are not finding fulfillment in your career and are feeling “stagnant,” I suggest you begin to take steps, even small steps, to identify where you are feeling unfulfilled, where (or if) you are having fun in your career and what you imagine you can actually start to do to create a more meaningful future.  Some suggestions to begin include: talking to trusted friends, doing some research on careers, exploring career paths in your current organization, even dreaming of a totally different life work. 


We work with people who currently have jobs and are looking to broaden their future as often as we work with people who have lost jobs for whatever reason.  Regardless of your individual reason, begin to explore what is possible, how you are uniquely ready and able to make changes so that your career future will unfold in a way that is inspiring for you.  Ask yourself today, “ . . . am I waiting too long to create the life I want?”