Joining an organization is a lot like a marriage – it’s a commitment that will span the good times and bad, there will be days when you are delighted to stay and days when you think about leaving, and you may have the opportunity to create a connection that is rich and meaningful over time.

And, as in a marriage, many of us join an organization because the good feelings we had about the hiring manager and we can be surprised by the diversity and complexity of the relationships with the other staff, other mangers, board members, vendors, etc. 

When you join an organization, you are committing to supporting the health and the longevity of the organization as well.  Whether that is financial health, interpersonal health or product health, you are committed to finding the best way to move forward so that the end result is good for the organization and therefore good for the members of that organization.

So, just as with a marriage, when you are considering joining an organization (or if you are in an organization and trying to decide if you should stay or go) ask yourself a these questions before saying “I do”:

       Do I understand and support the values of the organization?

       Do I believe in what the organization is trying to accomplish?

       Do I respect the people that I will be working with and for?

       Do I believe that I can find meaning in working with the organization in addition to simply receiving my paycheck?

       Do I believe that I will be a better person as a result of being connected with the organization?

 As you explore these questions, you will have a greater sense of whether this is an organization that you want to make a commitment to, because that is what it is when you say “I do” want this job.