It seems an almost universal experience that at some point in our lives we will need to build a great team.  It’s not just those of us who need to run a corporation or a non-profit, it’s also those of us trying to gather together wonderful helpers for a elementary school classroom, or parents looking for amazing people to support their family.  When we want to build a team, we are all faced with the opportunity (and the challenge) of bringing the right people together to create success. 


One of the keys to creating a great team is finding great people.  But, how do you find great people?


Unfortunately, finding, hiring and retaining great people is a challenge for all kinds of organizations, groups and families.  In the workforce, recent statistics suggest that hiring the wrong person can cost from 30 – 150% of the hired person’s salary and countless hours of your valuable time.   


In our work, we see that talented people are fueled by a sense of meaning and impact in the work that they do.  As coaches, we also hear individuals talking about their desire be a part of a great team and make a difference in the world.  So what does that mean for you?  It means you can attract and grow a great team by sharing the passion and excitement you have for creating success both through your description of the work and through creating engaging roles where team members can thrive. 


When you are in the process of building a team, consider the following questions:


Do you currently have a great team?

  • If so, spend some time articulating what is great about your existing team so that you can communicate what you value to your current team and speak to this with potential new members.
  • If not, it’s time to focus your efforts on your own leadership and make sure that current team members are inspired by what you are trying to create, have roles that allow them to genuinely add the value the team needs, and have the resources to succeed.  If they have all of that and are not successful, move them off the team.


Do you have a compelling story about why joining you makes sense?

  • Spend some time articulating what you are doing and why it’s important.  Talk about your vision and what you are doing to make it happen.  Whether you are creating clothing for athletes so they can comfortably and successfully compete, or you are raising two young children so that they are strong, kind, compassionate adults, sharing your story and your passion will draw good people to your efforts.


Does your effort make a difference in the world?

  • Increasingly, people have an awareness of their impact: on the planet and it’s resources, on health and safety, and on doing business ethically – can you show people how you are committed to bettering life?


Do you care about their future as well as your own?

  • Last week we talked about the concept of Potential and how the environment we are in can support or hinder us as we move toward our greatest potential.  Great people want to grow and contribute in new and more profound ways.  As you think about the needs you have for support, spend some time considering how working in those roles will contribute to the future of the people you are recruiting. 


A great team requires finding great people and providing strong, clear leadership that focuses on passionate goals, clear expectations, and support for individual success and contribution. 


Spend some time this week assessing if you are contributing to creating a great team and if not, work your way through the questions above so that you can attract and support greatness.