Over the past few weeks we’ve been writing about pursuing work that you love, showing up effectively, and assessing what makes you unhappy in your work life. In this fourth and final post about creating a rich and satisfying work life, we want to get you thinking about how you get paid.

Often when we ask this question, our coaching clients look at us like we’re a bit crazy. “What do you mean?” they ask, “Do you mean how often? Direct deposit? Checks handed to me by my boss?” While all of those things may matter to you, when we ask you to consider how you like to get paid we are asking you to consider the various ways you are “paid” for your work and which ones are important and meaningful to you.

Here is a list of some of the various ways people get paid:

  • Money
  • Time off
  • A flexible work schedule
  • Opportunities for training
  • The chance to take time off without pay
  • Seeing your efforts make a difference in your workplace
  • Being of service to those in need
  • Providing your unique perspective and wisdom
  • Being recognized or celebrated in your workplace
  • Being recognized and celebrated in your industry
  • Seeing your name in print
  • The ability to travel for work


Take some time this week to consider the ways that you like to get paid—if you have ideas that are not on this list, we’d love to hear them. If the only way that you get paid is in money, then you may be missing the chance for even greater riches in your life.