As you know, our goal is to support you in claiming your power and creating success in this new economy. And, while we want you to be successful for your own sake, we also want you to be successful for the sake of the world. You see, the more you claim your power and your innate leadership skills, the more positive and effective your impact will be with your family, your community and … the world. 

Think, for example, what it means for your family (especially the children) to see you take the process of knowing who you are seriously. Think about what it says to them when you explore what your gifts and talents are so that you can move toward a work life that is rich and meaningful. And think about what they learn when you stand strong even though work (or your work search) is hard. It matters to them that, although you may struggle, you then take specific and thoughtful steps to move forward and find a better way. 

While you may not realize it, your communication to them is profound – you are giving them permission to consider what they love and how they can be most successful in their own lives. You show them that although life can be really hard, there are ways to get clear about your intentions and engage in regular and systematic action to make something better happen. You model that it is good for them to take their interests and gifts seriously and how they can think about bringing those qualities to life.

And, it’s not just within your family that you will make a difference. Your friends and colleagues will notice how you have changed and they too will want to move toward greater personal success. Sometimes we will have multiple clients from one family or one organization because our initial client was moving in new ways that others found inspiring. In fact, we have been hired by large organizations to consult to their leadership teams or their boards because they have witnessed the power of one of their member’s claiming leadership in moving forward.

The ripple effect is powerful in creating movement in the world – never underestimate the impact of you claiming your power – for you and for the world!