Courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness to act despite it. 

This week, we would like you to notice how courageous you have been in your life.  Too often, because we felt afraid, we dismiss our acts of courage. And yet, that is precisely what the definition of courage is – the ability to take action on your (or someone else’s) behalf despite being afraid. 

 Think of all of the things that make us (as humans) afraid.  Afraid to fail, afraid to be hurt, afraid of not being taken seriously, afraid of rejection, afraid of someone’s anger or disappointment, afraid of . . .  The list is long – there are many reasons to be afraid and that fear can stop us from stepping fully into our lives.  Oh we may shake afterword, we may cry or feel terrified but that doesn’t mean we were any less courageous.  It just means that we pushed through a barrier and came out on the other side.  It’s important to remember that one courageous act can set your life in a new direction that you might never have dreamed possible.

 Take a moment now to reflect on the times in your life (both at home and at work) when you stepped up and took action despite the fact that you were afraid.  We suspect that when you really reflect back you will see that you have been more courageous than you realize.  Claim those moments; they will support your courage in the future and help you to live the life you never dreamed possible.