Leadership requires disturbing people—
but at a rate they can absorb.

— Ronald Heifetz and Martin Linsky
Leadership on the Line

Everywhere you look these days there is an article about “disruptive” leadership, “disruptive” governance, “disruptive” innovation, etc. In 2002, Ron Heifetz and Martin Linsky spoke about this in Leadership on the Line. This quote spoke to us deeply because it says a lot about the importance of challenging limiting beliefs and behaviors in order to foster growth and innovation. A central part of coaching is helping leaders to influence others by disturbing the status quo of the people they are leading so that they grow in their ability to manage, lead, and deal more effectively with ambiguity, challenges, etc.

This morning, as an act of personal leadership, we want you to apply this quote to yourself. We want you to think about where you could use a little disturbance/disruption in your life so that you move to the next level of, well, YOU.

What would this look like? Applying this quote to yourself asks that you seek out the things that move you out of your comfort zone and into a new way of thinking and being in the world. When you do this, you will get uncomfortable and that’s a good sign. When you grapple with why you believe what you believe and look for opportunities to understand your reaction to things, you stretch and become a better you, but the stretching will be uncomfortable. Think of your body: if it’s really a stretch, your muscles get uncomfortable, but the discomfort achieves results that staying in your comfort zone does not.

This week, we invite you to get curious about YOU! Get curious about your beliefs, patterns, and behaviors; the kinds of people you surround yourself with; what you read and watch; and how you show up; and then, explore what is needed to move you to the next stage of your life. Adulthood requires that you disrupt your day-to-day to find things that grow you into the person that you are meant to be. As coaches that’s our job, to encourage you to lean into your future with eyes wide open and embrace new opportunities that will take you to the bonus round of life.

We can’t wait to see who you are going to be—the world needs your leadership and it starts with you.