Career success in new economy requires that you make choices and take actions that will strengthen your ability to influence your workplace and create a more successful and satisfying job experience.  

A professional presence requires that you make a conscious and deliberate impact on your work environment and, in return, you are willing to learn from and be influenced by your work environment – regardless of your position or title.  In other words, you show up fully because you matter and you want to contribute to the growth of the company while you also grow. 

Creating a professional presence requires that you find your voice and make an impact in the day-to-day of your work life.  Whether you are currently employed or looking to find work that fits you, we want to challenge you to step into a professional presence and hold yourself accountable to meeting each person and each situation with curiosity, energy and engagement.  

Take a few moments to write down the 3-5 ways that you can move forward so that others experience you as a professional presence with greater impact and influence.  (Think about how you dress, how you use language, how often you talk when you need to be listening.  Consider the energy you express, the enthusiasm for creating success and the confidence you convey.  Consider how you carry yourself in situations where you are successful as well as those in which you have dropped the ball or failed in an effort.  Have you taken responsibility for your contributions either way?  Have you demonstrated that you are there to create success and remain open to feedback that helps you grow and learn?  And, in the face of difficult, show-stealing colleagues, have you quietly and clearly articulated the impact that you intend to have and then step in to make it happen with respect for yourself and for the organization?)

Make this the week that you try one thing to increase your professional presence so that you begin to have new successes in your work life.