We know that you know this but … for you to be your best you need to be properly fueled.  Life is generally better if you have taken the time to fuel yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Many of us are more thoughtful about how we fuel our cars than we are about how we fuel ourselves.  Working with people who strive to be high performers, we see over and over again, how critical it is to pay attention to how you are fueling yourself.

While it varies from individual to individual, it may be helpful to consider the following as you reflect on fueling thyself:

Emotional fuel comes from connecting with yourself and connecting with the people who see you, respect you and help you to feel good about yourself.  Emotional fuel comes from those moments when you feel free of burden, as well as from love, laughter, and being in relationship with others.

Spiritual fuel comes from feeling connected with something larger – something that brings you a sense of meaning and purpose, a connection with God or the Universe, the profound wisdom of nature, or a sense of the possibility for humanity.  Spiritual fuel comes from those things that remind us that we are not alone and often helps us to find courage and strength when they are lacking.  Spiritual fuel comes from appreciating all that you have in your life – even during those times when it feels like you haven’t got much.

Physical fuel comes from being connected to your physical being and tending to the flesh and bones that are you.  Physical fuel comes from food and exercise, and sleeping enough at night so that you awaken to your day and your life with the energy and the stamina to do it well. 

 This week, we encourage you to notice where you get your emotional fuel, your spiritual fuel and your physical fuel.  If you notice that you are running on empty with regard to any of these critical areas, we urge you to take a few moments to determine what it would take the move the needle (even if just a little) to fuel thyself and create a more satisfying life.