You may have noticed that more and more companies are telling you their stories.  Understanding a company’s story allows you to identify with the meaning and purpose that shapes a company, and it builds a personal relationship to them – which translates into greater loyalty. 

In this same way, if you are looking to hire great people and great leaders, you need to share your organization’s story.  You need to tell potential employees why your company was started, what the leaders and teams are passionate about doing, what things have driven the company to succeed, what you want to create for the future, and what you hope your impact is in your community – even if that’s a global community. 

Most organizations wait until employees join their team to give them the story of their company as part of their onboarding process.  But, telling your company’s story to recruiters and applicants earlier in the process helps to hold you and your team accountable to hiring people who can carry your story into the future.  Knowing and sharing your story also helps candidates determine if by joining your company, they can add value – in large part because they can either see themselves in your story or they can’t.  Adding value isn’t just about skills and competencies, it’s about how they show up and whether their interests support your company’s core interests – including your story of the future.

Here are some things to ask yourself when trying to articulate your organization’s story: 

  • Why was the organization started?
  • Who started the organization? What are the stories you tell about them?
  • What have been the most positive moments in the organization’s history and how are they talked about?
  • What have been the most challenging moments in the organization’s history and how are they talked about?
  • What are the key behaviors that have driven the organization to success?
  • What is your impact in your industry, your community, and the world?
  • What are individuals excited about in taking the organization into the future? Individually and organizationally?

Your story matters.  As you are searching for great talent, at any level of the organization, take the time to share your story and assess if the candidate brings the values, approach, passion and skills to create future success.