One of the things we believe fiercely is that we are all leaders.

We are leaders in our family, our community, our health and, of course, in our work. And, as you may know, at Carpenter Smith Consulting, our definition of leadership is that:

Leadership is a willingness to influence your world
and to be influenced by your world,
regardless of role or title.

As our nation celebrates its Independence Day this week, we’d like to take a moment to remember that we still have work to do for us all to be equal under the law. In what ways can you lean in to be a leader in this country?

One of the ways is to remember that your voice is important, and, in the US, we have a voice through our vote. So, we thought we’d give you a couple of resources to help you make sure that your voice and vote count.

Another way to bring your leadership to the world is to be an advocate for the underrepresented, like Ruth Bader Ginsberg was.

If she taught us anything, it’s that we must keep moving toward what we care about even when the odds are against us. She inspired us through her commitment to our nation and to the rights of women and minorities, even when the votes didn’t go her way.

Imagine if each one of us voted for and fought for what we cared about in a way that would lead others to join us.

Spend some time this week considering what you care about and how you will fight for it.

Let us know what that looks like for you.