So often, when people go into a job interview, they feel they have to hide who they are and act in ways that they believe will impress the interviewer. 

As coaches, we are passionate about supporting people in stepping into their leadership in navigating their careers.  Yes, you need to be professional, respectful, thoughtful and articulate about the ways that you are a solution to the organization.  Also, consider what it would be like to think of yourself as sitting shoulder to shoulder with them, together assessing if this position is a good fit for you. 

Let them know all of the skills you bring to the job – of course, include all of your work skills but also include the gifts you bring because you are you.  If you love coaching people and helping them grow, at an appropriate time in the conversation, let them know your passion about coaching.  If your family has always relied on you during tax season because you have a way with numbers and of calming people down who are afraid of math, look for ways to talk about that gift.   

Remember, you are being hired to fill a role with specific expectations, responsibilities and accountabilities.  You want them to know that you are capable of filling that role.  But, you are also being hired to be part of a community of people who are going to go about their work and build work lives together.  Who you are as a person is important to your success.