Whenever we hear, “Life is anything but fair,” most of us think about the ways that life has not been fair to us. We think about all the ways that life could have or should have gone differently – in our favor.

Our challenge to you today is this:

Take a moment to consider that life is anything but fair and then think about how you have benefitted from life in ways that others have not – through no fault of their own.

Our goal here is not to induce guilt – but rather to help you to consider where life has been kind to you and to encourage you to reflect with gratitude on these experiences.

There is research that shows that as humans we say, “life isn’t fair” when things don’t go our way and yet we blame others when things don’t go well for them instead of acknowledging that life wasn’t fair to them.

This Thanksgiving we hope that you can be thankful for those times when the winds of life have blown in your favor, and courageous enough to help others who have not had such favorable winds due to no fault of their own.

Let’s make life as fair as possible for everyone we meet.

In gratitude,
Linda, Stephanie, and Heather

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