As the job market begins to loosen up and attitudes about the economy grow more optimistic, take a few moments to evaluate your future. Are you satisfied with your current role or should you consider making a move?

Do a quick scan of your work life and ask yourself, “Would I apply for (and be thrilled to be offered) the job I currently occupy?”

If the answer is yes:

  • Congratulations! You are in the right place.
  • Be sure to ask yourself this question regularly so that the job continues to be one that you enjoy and value.
  • And, at this time when you are happy, we strongly recommend you update your resume so it reflects those things that led you to answer “yes” – those things that truly bring you joy in your work.

If the answer is no: It is time to develop your exit strategy.

  • Explore your passions – know yourself!
    • Work should be more than a paycheck
    • Work should bring meaning to your life
    • Work should inspire you and offer you an opportunity to feel valued for your contributions
    • Understanding what brings meaning to your life will go a long way toward helping you find work that is satisfying for you
  • Pull out and update your resume.
    • If you don’t have a resume, check out our tips for building a strong resume.
    • Lead with the skills that you want to use in a new job – the skills you want to offer the world. Be careful not to list the skills you can do but have no desire to do; remember, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
  • Dust off your contact list and start having lunch/coffee with colleagues and friends once a week.
    • Ask about their lives and work. Connect with them and honor the relationship before talking about yourself.
    • Show them your energy and enthusiasm as you talk to them about your skills and passions and ask if they know of any organizations that are in need of you.
    • Don’t get caught by job titles since that usually narrows people’s thinking, instead talk about the ways you can be a solution to an organization.


So, would you apply for (and be thrilled to be offered) the job you currently occupy? Listen to yourself, check in regularly – no one has a perfect work life – but you can move closer to work that is engaging, inspiring and impactful if you pause from time to time to look ahead and plan your forward moves.