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Most of us can recall an event in our life that shaped us—something that if asked about you could say, “Before the event I was that way, and after the event I’m this way.”

Most of these before and after scenarios weren’t necessarily by choice. It usually takes something pretty big for people to be moved from one state of being to another. In fact, most people have a before/after that is related to something where they had little or no control. These scenarios range from the death of a loved one, the diagnosis of a chronic illness, parents divorcing, a job loss, etc.

What if, instead of simply being buffeted by fate, you initiated an event that created a before and after that was good for you? There’s great power in being the person who chose to become someone different by initiating an event or course of action that alters you from before to after

We’ve had the privilege of working with many clients on creating their own before/after scenario:

  • Before: Worked for abusive boss After: Opened her own business
  • Before: Working assembly line After: A degree in counseling
  • Before: Pre-diabetic After: Healthy eater and finished 5K (mostly walking)
  • Before: Day to day fears about finances After: New business model to generate income regularly
  • Before: Individual contributor After: A highly valued team leader

In each of these cases, the Event that facilitated their Before & After was based on a personal goal and a belief in a better future. The ability to dig deep and find the leader in you that can drive a personal goal is the power needed to affect great change in your life.

It’s a powerful message to yourself and others when you claim your goal that comes “after.” First, to claim your goal, you need to know the current state—your “before” state—that you’re living in so that you can set your sights on making the shift that will take you from before to after.

Once you’ve set your sights on After it’s time to start figuring out the steps (the Event) needed to embrace your future state of being.

Spend some time this week thinking about what your world can look like if you move from your current state to a new desired state of being and then figure out the Event that will lead you there.

We’ll be proud to say we knew you before…
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