Last week, we started a series called Mattering Matters. In it, we gave an overview of how we see VALUE and CARE as integral in mattering to yourself and in demonstrating to others that they matter to you.

Mattering can support you in your leadership at work, at home, and in your community. It will also enhance your ability to see your own needs through these challenging times.

We’ve always believed that people need to “put the oxygen mask on themselves first” if they’re going to be able to succeed in their life, work, and world.

So today, we’re talking about the importance of Mattering to Yourself.

Mattering to yourself is key to your success
and is the foundation to your ability
to demonstrate to others –
staff, colleagues, children, friends, etc. –
that they matter to you.

As a reminder, we see mattering as the unique combination of valuing your unique gifts and talents and of caring about and for yourself.

Think of it this way:

  • If you value your unique gifts and talents, but don’t care for yourself, you may be slipping into working nonstop which can leave you feeling worn out, unsatisfied, and burned out.
  • If you take care of yourself, but without valuing your unique gifts and talents, you may be spending your days doing things that don’t in any way nourish your soul.

Take a moment to look at our Mattering Matrix example below and think about your life.

How are you treating yourself as you go through your moments, days, weeks, and months? Where would you put yourself on the above matrix?

Stay tuned for our post next week where we’ll provide you with some examples of how you can matter to yourself.

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