The past couple of weeks, we have been talking about articulating your passion and identifying the things that get you up in the morning. In response to those posts, we have heard from a number of you that it was difficult to consider what gets you up in the morning because you are barely able to get out of bed! Many of you said that you are finding yourself deflated and worn. So today, we thought we would talk about how to nourish your spirit during those times when you feel tired and worn.

As we said last time, there is a lot of talk about your work life providing sustenance and satisfaction. While that is wonderful when it is true, it is not always possible and even for those of you who have work lives that deeply matter to you, you can hit times in your life when you need to thoughtfully and consciously nurture your spirit.

Nourishing your spirit requires:

1. Thinking about what truly adds energy to your life. For some of you that is time alone and for others it is time with friends; some of you will need to get outside and some of you will need to curl up on the couch. There is no right way to add energy to your life but it’s critical that you build in time to do those things that do.

2. Making time every day or two to build in those things that add energy to your life. Nourishing your spirit is not a one and done experience. You did not become depleted in a day, it occurred over time and requires you to rebuild it over time.

3. Practicing for between 30 and 60 days. We know that for some of you, that will feel depleting in and of itself, but we are asking you to do simple things that add energy in small, regular ways over the course of time.

Take some time this week to consider if it is time to nourish your spirit and, if so, what you can do to add energy and oomph back into your life.