We are two days from a new year, auspiciously referred to as 2020.

In the USA, we refer to “2020 vision” as the clearest form of vision, and our goal is to support you in gaining clarity about:

  • your life priorities in 2020
  • what brings you a sense of meaning and purpose
  • your specific goals for starting to move you closer to life and work that is meaningful and satisfying
  • the obstacles that keep you from succeeding on your goals
  • the small steps you will take to move toward success

Before you turn toward 2020, we’d like you to spend some time reflecting on 2019 by writing a letter to yourself. If you have trouble getting started, try answering these five questions:

  1. What were your greatest accomplishments this year? These don’t have to be big, but they are the ways in which you contributed to your work and your world.
  2. What are your proudest moments this past year?
  3. What were your greatest challenges this past year?
  4. What did you learn from living with or through those challenges?
  5. What would you like to continue or carry forward into the new year?

It can be helpful to look back through your day planner, your family calendar, your checkbook, your social media posts, etc., to help you reflect on this past year.

Then, spend just a few moments on this simple yet powerful reflection:

Did I live 2019 like I mattered?

We want to support you making conscious decisions throughout 2020 so that you are happy with how you live it!

We’re listening!

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