We can do no great things, only small things with great love. - Mother Teresa

Over the years, we’ve heard time and again that our clients aspire to do great things. And, that is something we deeply respect and value in the people we work with. Yet, what we’ve observed is that we can only do small things, consistently over time, with love and passion—and what we create, the impact that we have, and the impression that we leave is often quite great.

As you think of your life and the things that you want to do, remember that great things happen one step at a time. Whether that’s summiting Mt. Everest, creating Apple, or writing an amazing song, truly the only way it can happen is one step at a time.  

In fact, trying to leap into greatness is often what creates disaster. Just think about the businesses you know that built many locations far too quickly and then went bankrupt, the actors who became instantly famous and blew up their lives with addictions, and the leaders who demanded unwavering adoration and were brought up on corruption charges.

Great things can come of the small steps taken over time.  

This week, we invite you to review your life. Be sure that you are taking the steps that really matter to you. And, be sure to take them with passion and great love. In a year, you will find your life in a very different place!

Cheering you on,

Your coaches at Carpenter Smith Consulting 

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