take a break and refuel

As surprising as it is, we’re once again heading in to summer. In the Pacific NW, it’s actually been warm and dry. Summer!!!

And, while many of us associate summer with summer vacation, not many people really take a break to refuel.

We’re here to remind you… if you’re going to create a life you love, where you’re successful, connected, and satisfied, then you need to refuel.

So, what do we mean by refuel?

The simple online definition is “to supply again with fuel.” Sounds simple, but to refuel you need to know what fuels you in the first place.  

Many of our clients describe lives that feel like they’re on a treadmill that’s going far too fast. When that’s your life, it’s hard to think about what really fuels you—especially when you’re just barely making it to the weekend. 

Whether you’re going on vacation or just hoping to take some time to refuel on the weekends, you need to know what fuels you.

We’ve got some questions that may help you figure out what fuels YOU:

Physically: What does my body need to feel rested, strong, and energetic? 

  • Do I need additional sleep each night for a while?  
  • Can I find time to work out a few times each week?  
  • Could I get outdoors to stroll in a park over lunch?  

Emotionally: What would bring me a sense of calm, optimism, and/or passion? 

  • Do I need to walk 10-15 minutes each morning before I hit the ground running? 
  • Should I visit with someone I know who can see possibility in even the most challenging aspects of life?  
  • Do I need to meet with a coach to reconnect with my passion?

Intellectually: What can I do to remind myself that I’m smart, interesting, and capable?  

  • Do I need to read a book I’ve had sitting next to my bed?  
  • Should I take a class on something I’m interested in (jazz, world history, woodworking, gardening, a new language, etc.)?  
  • Is there a lecture at a library or church that is of interest to me?

Spiritually: What brings me a sense of being connected to something larger than myself?  

  • Do I need to get outside more to experience the awe of nature?  
  • Should I find a spiritual community to join?  
  • Can I volunteer in ways that contribute to my community?

Spend some time thinking about what fuels you and then see if you can add those things to your life on a small but regular basis.  

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