As we’ve ended 2021 and stepped into 2022, we’ve encouraged you to look back, look in, look around, and look forward.
Today, we want to invite you to reflect on how this powerful Martin Luther King Jr. quote applies to your future:

“The time is always right, to do what’s right.”

As we enter our 11th year of writing the Monday Morning Business Coach, we’ve been reflecting on our work and our words.

We hope that we’ve been able to do and say what’s right. Not in a right or wrong way, but in the way of honoring and respecting the many truths in our world and inviting all of us to take action to care for the greater good of our communities, states, country, and the world.
This week, we encourage you to reflect on Martin Luther King Jr’s words, “the time is always right, to do what’s right.”

What will this look like for you in 2022 and beyond? Let us know.