We hope you have taken some time to articulate your Purpose and to create a Vision that excites you.

Once you have your list, you will invariably start to think about all the reasons you can’t have your vision.  Which is the next step in this process.  Today we invite you to think about the things (the big things) that get in the way of you living your vision right now.  These are not problems you can just solve – they are like boulders in your road and if you are going to get to your vision you have to learn how to get around them. 

It can be hard to make this list because it can leave you feeling hopeless, but we assure you, this is an important step on your way to your vision.

So, today, make a list of all of the reasons you can’t live your vision right now.

And, to make it even more challenging, we’d like you to do this without using the work “lack”, as in “lack of money” or “lack of time.”  We all face a lack of something in our lives, but if you stop there then you are powerless to change your future.  If instead you can shift your “lack” words to facts about choices you are currently making then you can get traction for making a change.  Some examples of changing “lack” sentences are “my money is currently committed to my kid’s education” vs. “I lack cash” or “I get caught by TV and spend a lot of time watching” vs. “I don’t have time.”

 Here are some of the obstacles we hear that are getting in the way of clients living their vision, right now:

  • I have two small children to tend to
  • We only have one car
  • I travel a lot with work
  • My money is committed elsewhere
  • My marriage is struggling
  • My parents are both ill
  • I get depressed and then stuck and do nothing
  • I don’t have support to help me succeed
  • I have _____ illness

It can feel ominous to do this exercise, but give it a try and then look for any themes that are keeping you from your vision.  Most of us have 5 – 7 major obstacles to living our vision right now.  What are yours?