We recently began a series called Mattering Matters, and shared on thoughts on the importance of VALUE and CARE as integral pieces in mattering to yourself and in demonstrating to others that they matter to you.

Last week, we shared the importance of Mattering to Yourself. This week, we’re continuing that topic with some tips and suggestions on ways you can VALUE and CARE for yourself.

Take a look again at our Personal Mattering Matrix and consider where you land.

If you’d put yourself in the top right quadrant and are doing well at both valuing and caring for yourself, then well done! Keep up the great work.

If, you land in any other quadrant, take a look at the handful of suggestions below (or click here for a more exhaustive list) and see if one or two speak to you.

NOTEWORTHY: We know you’re busy so if you want our top suggestion that can help you VALUE and CARE for yourself, here is it:

Identify and regularly reflect
on your Life Priorities.

  • Recognize your unique gifts and skills.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments – big and small!
  • Craft your own version of what success means to you.
  • Discuss with a close friend the ways you can both offer your talents to the world.
  • Regularly share your top strengths and skills with your colleagues.
  • Meet with your boss to review potential new opportunities to use your skills more.
  • Practice setting healthy boundaries.
  • Speak to yourself with respect and kindness.
  • Find ways for healthy movement/eating/sleeping.
  • Write down or share your gratitudes.
  • Practice mindful breathing.
  • Connect with a loved one to share a laugh, support, or time.

You may find that many of these look familiar and that’s because they are the same behaviors we’d recommend if you’re looking to prevent or recover from burnout.

We encourage you look at where you land on the matrix every few months to support you in staying conscious of mattering to yourself.

Remember, taking care of and valuing yourself affords you the energy to demonstrate to others that you value and care for them.

Stay tuned for our next post when we’ll talk about the importance of demonstrating to others at work that they matter to you.

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