In coaching leaders in a wide range of industries, we often encourage them to connect with people who can mirror back to them, honestly and accurately, who they are and how they show up in the world. We believe that other people can help us see more clearly who we are and whether we’re showing up in our life and work in ways that matter to us.

Today we want to share a note we recently received from Zöe, one of Heather’s clients. We often ask clients to write a 2 – 3 sentence description of their experience with us that we can share with people who are considering working with us. This was so much more!

This is a powerful mirror of our impact,
letting us know that we behaved in alignment
with our mission and values.

Take a look . . .

“Working with Heather has been a stark difference from my previous experiences with career coaches and counsellors. While others helped me craft my resume and maybe identify my strengths as an employee, from the beginning Heather’s whole-person approach fit my needs to a tee.

During our first meeting, I was blown away when we didn’t even look at my resume. Heather first wanted to understand who I was before we dove into understanding where my next steps would lead. By the end of our first hour I was touched by the way she responded to my life’s story. She quickly began making connections between who I was and my values, where I wanted to go, and what work meant to me.

Heather’s process is incredibly humane.
I felt seen and understood each time we met.

Looking for work and trying to understand how to create a balanced life can create a lot of anxiety. Throughout my time working with her I felt like I had someone who both kept me accountable to doing the work, but who also understood the emotional nature of the process.

Heather empowered me to look inside and see what it was I truly wanted out of work and life. We set out my priorities, my criteria for my next job, and I learned about the strengths I had as a person, not just a list of software acumen!

She helped me understand
how to talk and write about myself,
which at times used to feel like a foreign language

I came to Heather because I had a hard time articulating what I wanted to do. She helped me clear away the anxiety and be excited about finding something that actually excited me.

For those who already know what it is they want, Heather can also be incredibly helpful. Her support with my cover letters, resumes, and interviews was amazing! Because Heather took the time to understand who I am, she understood what I was leaving out when I talked or wrote about myself. 

Finally, the accountability buddy piece of this whole experience can’t be overstated. Everyone needs help and getting help from someone like Heather is a unique opportunity.”

Having a mirror can be powerful, and we’d encourage you to find a mirror in your life.

Whether it’s a trusted ally, colleague, or coach, ask them to let you know how they experience you, your department, or your organization; then listen closely. Hold both the positive feedback and the suggestions for change with great pride. You’re looking in a mirror — the only real way to know who you are and how you’re showing up in the world.

We are so grateful that we get to do this work!

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