As the title of this week’s post says, we all work. Some for money, some as a volunteer, and some in the home, but it’s fair to say that in general, we all work.
Because working is such a norm in our lives, we don’t often take time to think (see last week’s post Take Time to Think) about what we actually want from work and prepare to move forward in a way that gets us where we want to go.
Here is a simple exercise to help you consider what you want from work and whether you’re taking action to get it.
Circle each of the following statements that are true for you:

  • Work pays the bills and lets me do the things that really matter to me.
  • Work is more than a paycheck.
  • Work is about bringing greater meaning to my life.
  • Work is part of my life and gives me the time and money to do things that matter to me.
  • Work inspires me and offers me the opportunity to feel valued for my contributions.
  • It matters to me that I am proud and satisfied when I talk about my work to others.
  • I have a resume (or other way to talk about myself) that accurately represent who I am and what I want to be doing as I go forward.
  • I step in with the skills that I want to use in a job – the skills I most want to offer the world.
  • I have someone in my life who can help me think strategically about my career.
  • If given the choice, I would choose my job again.
  • I have energy and enthusiasm as I talk about my skills and passions.
  • I am able to describe how I can be a solution for the organization’s challenges.

After you do this scan about what you want from the work in your life, think about any areas that you wish you had but didn’t check off. Now, identify 1-2 small things you can do to start doing this in your life.

From time to time, pause and consider what you want from work in your life and if you’re actively taking steps to move toward it. No one has a perfect work life, but you can move closer to work that’s engaging, inspiring, and impactful if you pause from time to time to look ahead and plan your forward moves.

Let us know what work means to you.

– Your Coaches and Allies at Carpenter Smith Consulting

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