One of the things we tend to give up when we become adults is the joy of dreaming.  We get all serious and grown-up and forget that our dreams provide us wisdom, perspective and direction about how we can create rich and meaningful lives.  Lives that are good for us, our family, and for the world.


This week, we invite you to answer the question, “What would I do – if I knew I couldn’t fail?”


By asking this question, we move ourselves from living in our current reality to living in a field of possibility. We open our minds to thinking outside of our box – a box in which we are comfortable and used to residing.


Take some time this week to ask yourself the question and see if you can’t come up with 5 unique answers.  Let yourself dream big and think about all the things you would do if, in fact, you knew you would succeed.


Once you have started to imagine new possibilities, spend time creating a clear image of what it would look like, what you would be doing, how you would feel, and how others would relate to you.  It’s important to deepen your awareness of your dream before you move into ways that you might actually create it. You see, once you start to focus on making your dreams a reality, reality can easily overwhelm you and you forget the energy and movement that gave rise to the dream.


Once you have a clear, exciting image of your dream only then can you begin to explore how to bring it to life.  Most of us can imagine the steps required to make a dream a reality if we can see the success at the end of the journey. So, look back at the answers you wrote while holding the thought that you will succeed in living your dreams and see what steps are illuminated for you.  Take note of those steps and let yourself mull them over.  Then, see if you can’t shift your perspective just a little, and move a step closer to the dreams you hold within.