There was an advertisement on the radio recently and they opened by saying,


“No matter what’s happening in the world, your world is still happening.”


We don’t remember what they were trying to sell but we did think that the statement captured an important nugget of truth.


Often, as we work with leaders, of all walks of life, they will say things that diminish the importance of their stress, their pace, their health, in short, their lives.  As they watch the news – both local and global – the reports are often so harrowing that it’s easy to believe that what is happening in their own life is unimportant by comparison. 


While we agree that much of what is happening in the world is deeply distressing, it doesn’t mean that what is happening in your world is insignificant.  Your stress, pain and weariness need your recognition, action and attention.


So, as you consider the statement, “no matter what is happening in the world . . .your world is still happening” we would like to encourage you take some time to think about the following:


  • What are the three biggest stressors in your life right now?
  • What are you currently doing to decrease the stress or care for yourself as you live with the situation?
  • Whom have you engaged to support you as you face these stressors?
  • What can you do today (and each day for the next week) that will give you a moment to breathe and get perspective?
    • Think small . . . a walk after lunch, reading the comics in the newspaper, writing a handwritten thank you to someone who was supportive.


If you ignore your psychological, emotional and physical stressors, it’s likely they will hit you hard to get your attention.  Instead, take some time to pay attention today . . . and tomorrow and the day after because you must matter to yourself even when the world is troubled and disordered.