child in cape small from pixabayLike Superman, you have a Hero’s Story (one that illuminates your strengths, your courage, and your extraordinary feats), and like Superman you also have your own version of Kryptonite (that causes you to lose your effectiveness).

Superman’s only advantage over you (besides the obvious cape thing!) is that someone took the time to tell his hero’s story. Superman’s hero story is filled with deeds that seem heroic to us, but to him, he is just using the gifts and talents that came with being born on Krypton.  

In fact, he goes to great lengths to minimize the greatness of his gifts and talents just as we often do. He didn’t learn to be faster than a speeding bullet; it’s just who he was.


  • you’re living successfully with a chronic illness—that’s heroic.
  • you were raised by someone who was unfit to parent and yet you survived, thrived even—that’s heroic.
  • you’re supporting your family even though it means staying in a job you don’t love—that’s heroic.
  • you worked 3 jobs to put yourself through college—that’s heroic.
  • you’re raising your children alone—that’s heroic.
  • you’re helping your parents to age with dignity—that’s heroic.
  • you have overcome an addiction—that’s heroic.
  • you survived heartbreak or the dissolution of a marriage—that’s heroic.
  • you stood on the front lines and defended our nation (whether abroad or right here at home)—that’s heroic.

Being heroic is about knowing when you have risen to the challenge, whether it was one time in your life or on a daily basis.  Being a hero isn’t always easy, it takes its toll, but as a hero you keep moving forward just the same. 

Real heroes get knocked down, they get tired and frustrated, but they muster their strength and their courage and they keep getting up – which amounts to an extraordinary feat. 

Today, we’d like you to think about your Hero’s Story and write it down even if it’s only a few sentences in length. Your Hero’s Story should consist of those times you used your gifts and talents to stand up for yourself or for others because that’s what was required.

Let us be the first to say how proud we are of your heroic deeds! 

Your coaches and allies,
Carpenter Smith Consulting

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