In our post last week, we talked about the importance of Reflecting on this past year before setting intentions for the new year.

If you haven’t looked back at 2022 yet, take a look at the post from last weekSee what you learn about yourself and then think about what you’d like to start, stop, or continue doing in the new year.

As you look forward, think about what success will look like, live like, and feel like to you. To help you think about it, we’ve come up with some prompts.

If, at the end of next year, you feel successful and satisfied…

  • What will you be most proud of?
  • What skills/strengths will you have developed and/or used?
  • What will you have accomplished?
  • How will you feel about yourself, your work, and your world?
  • How will you have related to the people in your life?
  • What will the sights, sounds, and even smells be?
  • What role will work have played in your life?
  • What role will your personal life have played in your experiences?
  • What will be the same or different about your place in your world?
  • What will you have learned or experienced? 

We encourage you to make this personal to you. You can answer the questions one-by-one, or make a drawing, or cut out photos/artwork, or make your own word cloud, or something else that speaks to you.

Once you’ve created your vision of success for 2023, consider if there is a word or phrase that could help you to remember what you’d like to focus your time and attention on. This can be helpful when you find yourself pulled off track.

Some examples we’ve heard over the years include: agile, gracious, open, expansive, mindful, financially successful, healthy, inspirational leader, connected to loved ones, promoted to XYZ role, etc.

To further increase your chances of staying on track, we recommend checking in with yourself often.

Pause regularly and ask yourself,
“Am I spending my time and attention
on things that are
in alignment with my vision?”

What’s your vision for next year? We’d love to know!

If you’d like support
setting intentions for next year,
contact us today.