Over the past few weeks, we’ve been supporting you to think about Your Reflections from 2022 and Your Intentions and Your Small Steps for 2023.

In our first post, we talked about the importance of looking back to see where you’ve been, before deciding where you want to go next. Then, in the next posts, we referenced some research that shows that the more detailed you can get with your vision, your obstacles, and your plan for both, the more likely it is that you’ll stay on track.

Unfortunately, despite the best of planning,
we know that sh!t happens
that can pull us off track!

To continue the work of bringing your plan to life, regularly remind yourself of your bigger vision and the reasons why it’s so important to you. This will help you make choices and take steps to create a life you love.

Here are some additional suggestions to help keep you on track:

  • Schedule a check-in with yourself every 1-3 months to celebrate successes and to try new small steps if needed.
  • Create a tracking board or document (a wall calendar works great too) where you can regularly record how you’re doing.
  • Make a new note to yourself each day, week, or month with your 1-3 top priorities that you want to focus on.
  • Find an accountability colleague, friend, or coach to help keep you on track.
  • Schedule reminders on your phone or calendar.

Take a look at some of the above suggestions and try one (or multiples) and let us know what works for you!

If you’d like support
in staying on track with your vision,
contact us today.