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Let Them Know How Their Input was Used

Today is our last post on how to use The Engagement Spiral©.  For those of you just joining us, here is a list of the previous posts, click on the link to read those you have missed: The Engagement Spiral© Overview Step 1:  Tell Them They Matter Step 2:  Teach People How to Provide Input Step 3:  Take Input to the Relevant Decision-Makers Step 4:  Use the Input and Perspective They Provide. In our years of coaching, we have seen…

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Input: Use It!

We hate to keep giving those of you who are already members of our community a recap but we’ve had a lot of people joining our online coaching community in recent weeks and we want them to be able to successfully follow the process in this series.  As you will recall, in our December 9th post we gave you an overview of The Engagement Spiral© that we created to help leaders in organizations, communities, and even families create engagement and alignment…

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Take Input to the Relevant Decision-Makers

In our December 9th post we gave you an overview of The Engagement Spiral© that we created to help leaders in organizations, communities, and even families create engagement and alignment behind goals and initiatives.  As you may recall, we believe that in life and work, you and your organization are either spiraling upward or downward and we have seen that effective engagement can accelerate upward spirals.    On December 16th we talked about the first step of The Engagement Spiral©…

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Teach People How to Provide Input

Most of the executives who come in to work with us are bright, well intended individuals who are struggling simply because they haven’t been taught the tools to succeed – especially in the area of engaging others. We created The Engagement Spiral© to teach individuals how to increase engagement and a sense of ownership in others in 6 basic steps.   Step 1 is to Tell People They Matter – And Mean It.  Step 2 is to Teach People How To…

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Tell Them They Matter – And Mean It

Hollow are the words from leaders, managers and supervisors who say that their employees are their greatest assets, yet proceed to operate as if their employees are unable to comprehend the business or worse yet don’t exist.   We once consulted with an organization that was struggling due to low morale and high turnover.  We met with the leadership team and they told us that they were baffled that the staff was so unhappy since they prided themselves in being…

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Creating an Upward Spiral of Engagement

Last week we talked about the difference between Collaboration and Engagement.   Both are important, but engagement is especially important as you think about the culture and tone you want to create in your workplace and in your life.  If you recall, we talked about collaboration as a way of working together to get something done and engagement as a way of aligning people so that they can see and feel that they matter and that they have influence, which leads…

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