Last week we talked about the difference between Collaboration and Engagement.   Both are important, but engagement is especially important as you think about the culture and tone you want to create in your workplace and in your life.  If you recall, we talked about collaboration as a way of working together to get something done and engagement as a way of aligning people so that they can see and feel that they matter and that they have influence, which leads to increased ownership for results and success.

In our consulting work, we developed The Culture Change Spiral© to support organizations in creating more effective and satisfying cultures for executives, leaders and employees. One of the key elements to accelerating the success of a culture change effort is creating engagement throughout the organization. 

You might recall from an earlier post entitled The Power of Spirals that we believe that you are either spiraling upward (evolving) or downward (devolving) and that with conscious thought and effort you can create upward spirals. 

To teach our clients how to move toward profound culture change, we created The Engagement Spiral©, a 6-step process for creating an upward spiral of engagement and ownership.  

engagement spiral

This week we invite you to look over The Engagement Spiral© and get comfortable with the content.  Over the next few weeks, we will walk you through the process of creating more engagement with the people in your work and home life.