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Your Leadership is Needed

As some of you know, at Carpenter Smith Consulting we define leadership in this way: Leadership is the willingness to influence your world and be influenced by your world, regardless of role or title.   We’ve brought this definition to leaders of large organizations, leaders in school, leaders in communities, and leaders in life… and based on their positive feedback, we’re more dedicated to this definition than ever.   This definition represents a powerful shift in your behavior and supports…

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Benefits, Concerns, Suggestions

Benefits, Concerns, and Suggestions

One of the biggest complaints we hear from people who are passionate about leading others to success is that they have trouble getting them engaged and on board with important decisions. We’re not just talking about your work team or organization, we’re also talking about your family, your friends, a board you’re a member of, etc.  So today, we want to share with you 3 simple questions that you can ask that will engage people with the decision you’re considering…

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too exhausted to work

From Exhausted to Engaged

Whether you’re leading a multinational organization or a family of 4, if you’re going to be a successful leader you need to take care of your health, get enough rest, move your body, and stay connected with people you care about. Yet, even with that knowledge, we all have those times when we hit the wall. It may be that you were traveling across multiple time zones, had several evening meetings in a row, or had a young one up…

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right people on your team

Getting the Right People on Your Team

As you may have noticed, we love helping people succeed! While we often help people succeed at the intersection of their life and their work, we believe these skills are of value to anyone trying to choose happiness and overcome overwhelm. And, we know you’ll get closer to happiness and more effectively be able to manage all that’s on your plate if you get the right people on your team. For some of you, your team is the group of…

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What to Do with Those Negative Neils & Nellies!

One of the things many of our clients struggle with is how to get the most out of the negative people in their lives. Those people who are quick to see what’s wrong, or to resist a new idea, or who focus on all the potential “disastrous” consequences of a decision. Almost all of us have one or two in our lives and they can make moving an initiative forward challenging, unless you have the ability to tap into the…

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Letting People Know They Matter

We were recently reading our local paper and came across an article about a small group of women who have established an after-school homework club—First Door*—to serve lower income kids in third through sixth grade. First Door provides a place for these kids, who often go home to an empty house with no support for homework and school success, to have a place to go for those transitional hours before a parent gets home and have support in this critical…

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Collaboration or Engagement?

We were recently talking with a colleague who was saying that her organization was putting energy and resources into creating collaboration among various departments.  We asked if the organization was also talking about and putting resources toward engagement.  She thought for a moment then asked us to explain the difference. When we use the word collaboration, typically we are describing an action or a culture in which people work together on major efforts and initiatives to create innovative approaches to…

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Here we are once more, on the brink of a New Year.  We are entering this New Year having just experienced a heart-breaking end to the old.  And yet, we would encourage you to look forward with commitment to growing in your ability to love and be connected – to yourself and your sense of purpose, to your family and their success, and to your world and its commitment to caring for all people.   In George Valliant’s new book,…

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The Image of Your Life

We were recently asked if, as coaches and consultants, we could go in and “fix” an organization.  It is an interesting question because while we make a significant impact on an organization and we support organizational success, we don’t “fix” the organization as much as we teach the individuals in the organization to step into their power and create an organization that they value and respect.   Think of it this way –    There are painters, called pointillists, who…

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Building Organizational Commitment

In our last two posts, we’ve encouraged you to get people to move forward because of their commitment to the organization instead of getting stuck on finding fault in others (See 5 Steps to Effectively Attack the Problem and Trust is Not a Weapon). Building commitment to an organization is an underlying and critical aspect of creating an effective work force, yet very few leaders and managers know how they can facilitate the kind of commitment that supports organizational success.…

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