you matter

Why You Matter…

Take a moment to think about your life and how you treat yourself as you go through your moments, days, weeks, and months. One of the things we want you to remember is that the way you live your moments is the way you live your life. Your moments matter and if you’re going to matter in your own life, it’s important that you pay attention to your moments. What we know, from our five years doing the Monday Morning…

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taking care of yourself

What Does It Mean to Take Care of Myself?

As you know, we have a lot invested in you taking good care of yourself because we know that you are your instrument. If you’re not taking good care of yourself, you’ll be more tired, less creative, more reactive, and less resilient in the face of all that’s coming at you. That said, you may be asking, What does it really mean to take care of myself? Followed by all the ways your life and the world is pressing you…

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too exhausted to work

From Exhausted to Engaged

Whether you’re leading a multinational organization or a family of 4, if you’re going to be a successful leader you need to take care of your health, get enough rest, move your body, and stay connected with people you care about. Yet, even with that knowledge, we all have those times when we hit the wall. It may be that you were traveling across multiple time zones, had several evening meetings in a row, or had a young one up…

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define work success

What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up?

Do you remember that feeling of simple childhood joy, like you could do anything you dreamed? Do you remember the many times you were asked as a kid what you wanted to be when you grew up? Without even knowing it, that question probably shaped your current work satisfaction, and it may be limiting your success today.   Many of us have chosen life and work based on childhood dreams and/or the values that someone else held for us when…

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supporting others

Supporting Others is Hard

Thank you all for your wonderful stories and comments during our five-week Choosing Happiness series! They were truly touching and we love that you shared your stories with us. Many of you wrote and told us that you personally are working on choosing happiness, but have a close friend or loved one who can’t quite get there. No matter what you do or say, you can’t seem to make that person happy, and you’re frustrated. Some of you feel a…

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Bouncing Back

This is our final post in our series on Choosing Happiness. If you haven’t had an opportunity to read the last few posts, please do! They can, in fact, help you to choose happiness. We began with an overview of the research, taught you to Notice Your Life, explored two core practices, Gratitude and Forgiveness, spent some time helping you get to Know What You Want and last week we talked about the power of Kindness and Service. This week we want…

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Kindness and Service

This month we’re focusing on Choosing Happiness. We began with an overview of the research that shows what the happiest people do in their lives, then we worked through some key ways you can increase your happiness. We started by teaching you to Notice Your Life, then focused on two core practices, Gratitude and Forgiveness, and last week we offered you an exercise to help you Know What You Want. Interestingly, doing this series on Choosing Happiness has brought a lot of…

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knowing what you want

Knowing What You Want

Three weeks ago, we began our focus on Choosing Happiness. We began with an overview of what the research shows that the happiest people do in their lives. Then we started by teaching you a simple and powerful way to Notice Your Life. Last week we focused on two core practices to support you choosing happiness, Gratitude and Forgiveness. We have heard from a lot of you during this series and clearly gratitude and forgiveness struck a meaningful chord with…

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gratitude and forgiveness

Gratitude and Forgiveness

Two weeks ago, we began our focus on Choosing Happiness. Last week we started our series by teaching you a simple and powerful way to Notice Your Life. Thank you for your thoughts and comments on this series. Supporting you in creating success in your world is our passion and hearing that we have hit the mark is truly inspiring. This week we want to talk about Gratitude and Forgiveness, two important keys to happiness. We will start with Gratitude…

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Notice Your Life

Last week we began our focus on Choosing Happiness. We summarized some of the things that people who are the happiest do regularly in their lives. The rest of this month, we’re going to focus on the core practices that can add to or deepen your own sense of happiness, starting with Mindfulness. There’s a lot of talk about mindfulness in the media, and the research about its benefits is inspiring. Research shows that becoming more mindful throughout your life…

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