Character before Personality

In our work as executive coaches and consultants our goal is to help people find direction, meaning and satisfaction in their lives.   A key ingredient to living a more satisfying life is being a person of character.  The Oxford Essential Dictionary defines character as “the collective qualities or characteristics, especially mental and moral, that distinguish a person; moral strength.”  In the United States, there is a sense that personality – charm, a quick tongue, fashion or style – is the…

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You Gotta Be You

So often, when people are seeking a job or trying to move to more satisfying work, they feel they have to hide who they are and act in ways that they believe will impress.  Instead of trying to impress people by pretending, dig a little deeper into yourself and show them who you are and how the whole of you can contribute to your success.  Share with them all of the skills that you bring to creating success – not just those you…

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