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5 Steps to Effectively Attack the Problem

Last week we talked about the importance of attacking the problem and leaving the people associated with the problem intact. Today we want to offer you some guidelines for doing so effectively.  In 1981, Roger Fisher and William Ury wrote a game-changing book called Getting to Yes. They were the first to change the conversation about how to go into a negotiation.  Their work has dramatically changed the world’s perspective on how to approach tough issues with a level of…

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Attack the Problem, Not the Person

As this week’s title indicates, we want to explore the concept of fiercely attacking a problem without attacking the person who is attached to the problem (either directly or indirectly.)  Seems reasonable, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, for most people, it’s much harder than it sounds.  For so many of us, when we hear about a problem, or even a potential problem, the first reaction we have is something along the lines of “What the *%#!*^!”   The next thought is typically, “Wasn’t…

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It’s Not Personal

One of the more difficult, and important, things for us to do as adults is to understand that most of the things that happen to us, or around us, are not personal.  In fact, despite sometimes being directed toward us, they often have very little to do with us at all.  It’s tempting to believe that the events unfolding around us have been thoughtfully crafted to influence us or designed to upset us and throw us off our game. Most…

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We All Have Our Kryptonite

Last week, we asked you to write your Hero’s Story.  If you didn’t pause to reflect on your heroic deeds, be sure to check out our previous post here.  Knowing your Hero’s story is important!  And trust us, you have one.  As important as knowing and claiming your Hero’s Story is knowing and respecting your kryptonite (that which causes you to lose your power and effectiveness). This week, we would like you to identify your kryptonite.  Kryptonite is a (fictional)…

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You and Superman – BFFs

Like Superman, you have a Hero’s Story (one that illuminates your strengths, your courage, and your extraordinary feats), and like Superman you also have your own version of Kryptonite (that causes you to lose your effectiveness). Superman’s only advantage over you (besides the obvious cape thing!) is that someone took the time to tell his hero’s story. Superman’s hero story is filled with deeds that seem heroic to us, but to him, he is just using the gifts and talents that came…

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Silencing your Inner Critic

We’ve all had that moment. The one when our inner critic decides to go all Rambo on us and fill us with self-doubt. I witnessed just such an event recently; an executive client was discussing a new strategic direction when WHAM, out of the blue, she stopped talking and looked utterly defeated. I suspected her inner critic had hijacked her thinking. When I asked her what was going on she muttered, “Maybe I have no business running an organization.” Just…

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Courage: Taking Action . . . Even When You’re Fearful

Courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness to act despite it.  This week, we would like you to notice how courageous you have been in your life.  Too often, because we felt afraid, we dismiss our acts of courage. And yet, that is precisely what the definition of courage is – the ability to take action on your (or someone else’s) behalf despite being afraid.   Think of all of the things that make us (as humans) afraid.  Afraid…

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Fuel Thyself

We know that you know this but … for you to be your best you need to be properly fueled.  Life is generally better if you have taken the time to fuel yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Many of us are more thoughtful about how we fuel our cars than we are about how we fuel ourselves.  Working with people who strive to be high performers, we see over and over again, how critical it is to pay attention to…

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Character before Personality

In our work as executive coaches and consultants our goal is to help people find direction, meaning and satisfaction in their lives.   A key ingredient to living a more satisfying life is being a person of character.  The Oxford Essential Dictionary defines character as “the collective qualities or characteristics, especially mental and moral, that distinguish a person; moral strength.”  In the United States, there is a sense that personality – charm, a quick tongue, fashion or style – is the…

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Wake Up to Your Passion, Your Power, Your Life

Good Morning.  It is time to wake up, not just to your day, but also to your passion, your power, and your life.   Many of us walk around tired, stressed-out, and numbed to our moments.  We are running as fast as we can, taking care of family, work and friends, and barely taking a breath. This week’s assignment is to carve 5 – 15 minutes out of each day, and do something that will wake you up and make your…

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