In our experience, curiosity is one of the best ways to “tune into” yourself, your energy, your dreams, and your gifts. When you are curious about yourself and your world:

  • You are able to get more real information and data that helps you make informed decisions about your future.
  • You open to exploring areas that you haven’t thought of, but may find intriguing.
  • You take in information with an open mind without making assumptions or pre-judgments on why something is possible or not.


We loved a recent Mac’s List post by Jessica Williams (former Editor at Mac’s List), on the topic of career curiosity. With permission of the author, we have modified that post for our use but the original post can be found here: Follow Your Curiosity to Find a Job You Love. She talks about 4 easy steps you can do to ensure you remain curious and open about your career.

We often don’t know what our passions are, do we? So, how do we go about finding that thing that is totally unknown to us? That job we will love? That city that feels just right? That partner that makes our hearts sing?

Well first, you have to…

    1. Wake Up

Stop walking around in a stupor with your shades on and your head down. Read the paper, look up, say hi to your neighbor, ask questions, and notice your surroundings.

    1. Be Curious

In waking up, you will hopefully find that you’re curious about certain things. What is that all about? Why isn’t this better? I want to know more about that!

Have curiosity about the world around you. Be a lifelong learner. Engage. Ask questions. Listen. Be mindful of what you’re curious about.


  • Pay Attention to What Catches Your Attention


In being curious, pay attention to what you’re drawn to. Notice where you have resistance and where you shut down. Make note of what you feel attracted to and where you open up.

Does this or that experience feel bright or dark? Heavy or light? How do you feel when you’re done with a task—depleted or energized? Simply put—does it feel good or bad?


  • Act on Your Inclinations


Now that you’ve made note of what you’re attracted to and where your aversions are—follow your inclinations. Take baby steps or giant leaps—whatever feels best to you!

We value our relationship with Mac’s List! We both have a passion to help motivate people to find careers that inspire them.

The first step to using your curiosity is to use it to get to know yourself and to claim your power. Explore and then stand tall and confident in your value system, your beliefs, your talents, your attitude, your unique skills and other personal attributes that make you confident and hopeful for the future.

This week, take time to notice how your curiosity informs you through your feelings, your pride, your skill matches, your challenges, etc. Knowing what matters to you can go a long way in finding a career you love and leading in your career as you go through your life!

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