In our work with individuals and teams, we’re often approached for help when someone is considering a job change or asking for a promotion. One of the first questions we ask in these conversations is, “How are you a solution for the team, department, or organization?”

When considering a career change or asking for a promotion, you’ll have the greatest success when you consider the fact that organizations look to hire or promote people when they have a pain point or a problem to solve. If the company was fine as is, they wouldn’t have the role available!

So, if you’re considering a next step in your career, ask yourself this same question.

How am I a solution for this team,
department, or organization?

The power of this question is that it forces you to get specific to answer it. It’s not, “How am I a solution for any job?”

You’re asking the question about this specific job, at this point in time, and in this organization. “Am I a solution to their pain points?”

This week spend some time thinking about what you’d be excited to do next in your career and consider how you are, or can become, the solution an organization seeks.

You’ll want to think about the skills and strengths you have that you’re passionate about using, and how your unique combination of those skills and strengths will help you stand out.

We are championing your success!

If you’d like support in thinking about how your
unique combination of skills and strengths
will help you stand out, contact us today.