Brand You


Good morning, instead of a narrative today, we have a hot seat moment for you: What is your brand?

Your “brand” is a combination of your values, your contributions, your attributes, and it is the essence of what you offer to the world.

  • In the next 30 seconds, write down the 3-5 things that best describe Brand You.
  • Do you like what you wrote?
  • Do you feel proud of your brand? 

Now, identify 2 people who know you and ask them to describe the 3-5 things about you that they think make up Brand You!    

  • Did they describe Brand You as you described your brand?
  • Does their description of Brand You make you feel proud of yourself?
  • Is there anything you wished they had said that they didn’t? 

 Next, re-write your brand using both sets of information and then add anything that you want your brand to be known for. Then set about making it happen.

Changing a brand identity takes time and effort.
Defining your Brand, and the narrative that goes with your brand, is an important part of being able to be authentic in your role – whether you’re the CEO or the new line staff.
Take some time today to figure out your brand! Trust us, this stuff matters. 

– Your Coaches and Allies at Carpenter Smith Consulting

Brand Infographic

If you’d like help fine tuning Brand You, let us know.
Our career coaches are here to support you in putting your best self out there.