As we mentioned in a previous post, Carol Dweck is a leading researcher behind the concept of a growth mindset. To that end, she’s recognized the power of the word yet in developing a growth mindset for ourselves and for our children.

Children and adults who are rewarded for their use of effort, strategy, and process, develop resiliency to tackle problems and to solve issues that they don’t have answers for – yet.

We’ve included a Tedx video in this email where Carol talks about the amazing growth that children across the country are experiencing since their schools have adopted a growth mindset and the power of yet.

Click the below link to watch Dweck’s Tedx talk where she explains the power of a growth mindset and the research that supports it. Enjoy!

Even as adults, it’s a really nice shift to have a growth mindset. Think about it: getting praise for running a successful workshop isn’t as valuable as getting praise for all of the passion you bring and the time and effort you put into creating the workshop. We love this idea!


How will you incorporate a growth mindset into your world this week?

Let us know how it goes!

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