In our last two posts, we’ve encouraged you to get people to move forward because of their commitment to the organization instead of getting stuck on finding fault in others (See 5 Steps to Effectively Attack the Problem and Trust is Not a Weapon). Building commitment to an organization is an underlying and critical aspect of creating an effective work force, yet very few leaders and managers know how they can facilitate the kind of commitment that supports organizational success.  

If you know our work, then you know that we are passionate about supporting individuals in increasing their impact and influence.  This passion comes from an understanding that powerful, committed individuals can create amazing outcomes and powerful organizations.  As you consider building commitment to your organization, remember that commitment is built one individual at a time, so put energy into ensuring that your team members:

Understand and support the values of the organization. 

Believe in what the organization is trying to accomplish and see clearly how they are contributing to that goal. 

RESPECT the people they work with (liking co-workers is not required, professional respect should be mandatory).

Have the opportunity to contribute to the organization in ways that are meaningful for them.

Believe that they are a better person as a result of their connection with the organization.

If you have fostered these things in the individuals on your team, you will have powerful allies standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you as you respond to all that comes at the organization.  As a manager or leader, your primary effort must be to solve the problems and overcome the obstacles that are keeping your team from successfully committing to, contributing to and accomplishing the goals of the organization.