Help Letters Falling As Symbol For Support And Advice
We were recently talking with a friend about some of the things we want to do with our business. We were saying that we need to further expand our reach in the world—continuing to build the number of people who receive these posts, expanding the impact we have with our trainings, and responding to the need for individuals around our country and, indeed, the world, for help in claiming their power and stepping into their leadership in every aspect of their lives. We said we find ourselves stuck at times and not sure how to proceed. She said, “I am going to ask you what you would ask me—have you asked people for help?”

What a wonderful reminder that it’s tempting to go it alone, to not bother people, and to get caught in believing that people will simply offer. Of course that is sometimes true, but it doesn’t take into account that others don’t know what we need and they shouldn’t have to guess. It is our jobs, as leaders in our lives, to let people know what we need and deal with their response—whatever they say.

So this week, we would like to encourage you to consider those areas in your lives where you need help and support, and to identify people who you can ask for that help and support. If you are uncomfortable, start small and with someone you know well… but start. It is amazing how much help you can get when you ask.

And, with the spirit of this post in mind, we would like to ask you for your support.

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Thank you as always for your wonderful support, and for your inspiring questions that help make the Monday Morning Business Coach such a success.