The beginning of September can often conjure up a mix of feelings for people. All at once, we may feel excitement for a new school year starting or the chill of autumn in the air, and at the same time, sorrow that the long sunny days are ending, or the spaciousness of summer is over. A hello and a goodbye.
Whether we’re grieving the loss of summer or welcoming the change of seasons, we’ve found that September can still signify new beginnings. New possibilities.
These days, amidst the racial tensions, ongoing pandemic, and political unrest, it’s more important than ever to take a breath and think about new beginnings and possibilities.
Today, as you’re saying goodbye to the summer months, we’d like to encourage you to think about what a new beginning looks like for you right now.
Maybe you’ll:

  • take a virtual meditation class
  • volunteer a day at a phone bank
  • offer to mentor a new staff member so they get off to a great start
  • write postcards to remind people to vote
  • start a DEI initiative in your company
  • make time to take a walk for 30 minutes/day
  • set up monthly video chats with loved ones 
  • learn, grow, and teach your children about unequal justice

This isn’t like the beginning of the calendar year when we make resolutions that are supposed to last that whole year. We’re talking about this one magical month when you can try just one thing that’s outside the current scope of your life.

Breathe deep into the possibilities
of a new beginning.

Let us know what a new beginning looks like for you!

If you’d like support in transitioning
to a new beginning, contact us
about our coaching services.