In North America, we’re hitting the darkest time of the year. Here in Portland, Oregon, the sunrise is at 7:49am and sunset is at 4:30pm.

It’s dark out there.

Darkness can weigh on people, leaving them feeling tired and burdened. At the same time, darkness can bring out the best in people who are willing to show up with their light and add it to the world.

Shine your light.

Like a candle that can light endless other candles with no cost to itself, there are few costs to smiling as you pass someone in the hall, asking about an upcoming vacation or holiday plans, letting someone into traffic, or giving a hug to someone who has had a loss.

Yet these simple acts can add light and warmth to your world. And, your light can remind people that they are seen and that they matter.

As you consider your leadership, it’s important to remember how dark the world can feel and that it’s so important to shine your light on your loved ones, colleagues, staff, bosses, and even strangers.

When you shine your light, you’ll remind them that there is light in the world and that together we can light a room, an organization, a community,

Here are some examples of light we’ve seen or heard about in the past months:

  • The CEO who rolled up his sleeves to help the facilities team clean up graffiti and paint the walls
  • A colleague driving his wife to the hospital for shortness of breath and was touched by the number of people who let him break into backed-up traffic
  • All the people who hold open doors, and those who warmly share their gratitude for held doors, and the playfulness around rotating doors
  • The CMO of a large medical group who bragged to all around her about her administrative assistant’s support and compassion after a family emergency
  • The people who helped a lone parent navigate the airport check-in process with two babies
  • Those who send a card to let someone know they’re thinking about them

 This week, look for some places where you can shine your light.

Shine your light.
It’s good for you
and it’s good for others!

Let us know how it goes!